Cake.SevenZip.Parsers Namespace


This namespace contain types related to running 7zip.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IArchivedFileListOutput The parsed output one file inside an IArchiveListOutput of the ListCommand.
IArchiveListOutput The parsed output one archive of the ListCommand.
IArchiveTestOutput The parsed output of individual archives the TestCommand.
IBenchmarkOutput The parsed Output of the BenchmarkCommand.
IFileHash The information of one file, as generated by the HashCommand.

Used in the IHashOutput.

IHash Represents a hash (for a given hash-function) in the output of the HashCommand.

Used in IHashOutput and IFileHash.

IHashOutput The parsed output of the HashCommand.
IInformationOutput The parsed Output of the InformationCommand.
IListOutput The parsed Output of the ListCommand.
IOutput General output. Common to all IOutputParser<T>s.
ITestOutput The parsed output of the TestCommand.