April, 2019

Cake v0.33.0 released

Monday, 1 April 2019
Release Notes

Version 0.33.0 of Cake has been released.

In this version we had contributions from 21 contributors outside of the core Cake Team members! This is an amazing number, and we thank everyone for their contributions!

During this release, all the Cake Team Members were in the same place at the same time (at the Microsoft MVP Summit), and we were able to sit together around the same table and discuss a number of the outstanding PR's that we had on the repository. We were able to get down from 26 open PR's to just 5 (which has now increased again to 7). It was great to meet all the team members (some for the first time), and discuss the future of Cake. We have lots of plans for the future, and are all looking forward to continuing to contribute to the project.

This release see a number of long waited features being added, including the ability to use a globbing pattern within the #load directive. As well as this, a number of improvements were included, and a number of bugs squashed. All of these are detailed below in the release notes section.

If you have ever been interested in peeking behind the scenes at "how" we do a Cake Release, I actually did a live stream of the Cake 0.33.0 version. This is now published to my YouTube Channel, and you can watch it back here, if you are interested. We are aware that there are some steps in our release process that can be further automated, and this is one of the areas that you are likely to see some change in 2019. Watch this space!

If you mind any problems with this latest release, then please feel free to reach out via the normal channels, Gitter, GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Twitter.

Known Issue

Contributions were included from:

NOTE: When a GitHub Profile hasn't been configured properly, the automated tool we use to generate the above list isn't able to find a GitHub profile to link to, that is why they appear as text only.

Full details of everything that was included in this release can be seen below.