Default Configuration Values

Configuration is currently not supported for Cake Frosting.

The following shows all of the configuration options currently available in Cake .NET Tool as well as their default values.

Refer to set configuration values for instructions on using a config file.

Addin NuGet Dependencies

Available since Cake 0.22.0.

When using In-Process NuGet installation you can also opt in to automatically installing and referencing NuGet package dependencies.

Default value: false

Valid values: true, false




Addins Path

This allows the configuration of the addins folder which is used by Cake when restoring addins.

Default value: ./tools/Addins




Cache compiled script on disk

Available since Cake 2.2.0.

This enables Cake .NET Tool to cache script compilation for significantly faster subsequent executions of unchanged scripts.

Default value: false

Valid values: true, false




Cache Location Path

Available since Cake 2.2.0.

This allows the configuration of the folder which is used by Cake .NET Tool when caching compiled scrips.

Default value: ./tools/cache




Disable Colors in output text

Available since Cake 1.1.0.

By default, Cake outputs colored text when it detects it is running on an environment that supports ANSI escape codes.

To disable output of colored text, set an environment variable with the name NO_COLOR with any value.


In-Process NuGet installation

Available since Cake 0.25.0.

Since Cake 0.25.0 the default is to use the In-Process NuGet Client. If you require to use NuGet.exe instead, you can opt-out by setting this value to false.

Default value: true

Valid values: true, false




Modules Path

This allows the configuration of the Modules folder which is used by Cake when loading custom Modules.

Default value: ./tools/Modules




NuGet Configuration File Path

This allows the configuration of the path to NuGet config file for overriding the default file.

Default value: If NuGet config not specified, will use NuGet default mechanism for resolving it.




NuGet Download Url

This allows the control of where Cake downloads NuGet packages from when using the addin and tool preprocessor directives. This can be useful when it is necessary to work in an offline mode, where direct access to is not available.

Multiple sources can be passed separated by a semicolon.

Default value:


With a single source:


With multiple sources:


With a single source:


With multiple sources:


Show Process Command Line

When Cake runs a tool the default behavior is to log the file name and the arguments only when the Diagnostic log verbosity is used. This setting will instruct Cake to always log the file name and arguments regardless of the log verbosity setting.

Default value: false

Valid values: true, false




Skip Verification

If any breaking changes are introduced to Cake, we'll set the minimum supported version of the Cake.Core assembly. Any addin/assembly that references an older version of Cake.Core will generate an exception and ultimately abort the execution of the script. This is to avoid runtime errors during execution of the script.

But if you really need to use an addin/assembly and have verified that the breaking change introduced doesn't concern the addin/assembly directly, i.e. it doesn't use a removed property or changed interface, for this scenario we'll allow you to temporarily opt-out of the assembly verification until addin/assembly author has released a version of the assembly targeting the minimum required version of Cake.Core.

This setting is global for all addins/assemblies your script references and should therefore be considered a temporary quick fix.

Default value: false

Valid values: true, false




Tools Path

This allows the configuration of the tools folder which is used by Cake when restoring tools.

Default value: ./tools




Enable advanced console output

Available since Cake 3.0.0.

When enabled (i.e. set to true), the console output from Cake is rendered via Spectre.Console library. This includes an additional column in the Task Summary table at the end of a build, which lists the reason (if available), on why a task was skipped during the build.

Default value: false

Valid values: true, false